About All Lit Up

Not only do we have this one of a kind, state of the art stage centrepiece, but our musicians that surround it are some of the finest in the world! Our members have played with the likes of Adele, Michael Buble, Olly Murs, Jennifer Lopez and Sam Smith - plus many, many more household names! The standard of musicianship in our band is second to none, which allows us to be incredibly versatile. We have been lucky enough to play at some of the most prestigious venues around the World such as the O2 Arena, Wembley Stadium, Madison Square Gardens, plus the Troubadour in LA, London's Roundhouse, Atlantis Palm Hotel in Dubai, and even the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore!

Our Kent based band leaders (Adam and Dan) who created the drum kit have been the driving force behind putting together this superband. Thinking outside the box, merging Adam's passion for innovative technology with Dan's knowledge of music production, the synergy gave birth to something completely unique. Dan's influence within the music industry has been producing and writing for Bastille, Sam Smith, the Saturdays, Lil Wayne and other international artists. This has given the band an extreme advantage over any other with live sound, live perfomance and above all else, the ability to merge produced music within a live band environment.

Hopefully you will see from the videos that not only do we have one of the coolest drum kits in the world, but we also pride ourselves on our infectious on stage chemistry that will make it impossible for anyone to stand still! The band is made up of like minded friends who have the passion to not only bring great musicianship to the stage, but also fun and excitement to any event. We truly believe that if we're having fun, you are too.